How I Did with My Crystal Ball

A little over a year ago I wrote a post about the possible acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon. Here’s part of that post:

So I thought it would be fun to make a few predictions as to what Whole Foods would look like a year after the acquisition, and how it would operate. I’ll then revisit this post in a year, and see how my  predictions have held up.

Well now that year is up, so I thought it was time to see how well I made out mith my predictions. Here’s the list of those predictions again, and in Bold what actually happened. I also marked each prediction as RIGHT or WRONG.

Final score: six RIGHT, three WRONG, and the jury is still out on the last prediction.

So I guess that’s not too bad, but what’s really bad is that I dod not buy any Amazon stock the day I wrote the blog about the acquisition last year.

The stock price last year on the day I wrote the blog was $992.59 per share; today it closed at $1,829.24. That’s an 84% increase.

A few big investments like that and maybe I can up my annual clothing allowance from $50 to $60.

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