Here’s to Wasting Time on the Internet

Thrillist, an online media website covering food, drink, travel and entertainment, recently came out with its listing of the 100 greatest YouTube videos of all time.

Who would not be attracted to a headline like that?

So I decided to take a peek at the list, expecting to be familiar with just about all the videos included on the list. Well as it turns out, I was familiar with only about one-third of them. Of course, that didn’t stop me from deciding to at least play a clip from each video.

And while the list is prevented in reverse order (100-1), my natural inclination was to scroll all of the way to number one, and here it is:

As soon as I saw the video (I had never seen it before). I figured this was not going to be your typical list of the top Youtube videos.

I thought I’d share a few of my favorites from the list below. Odds are you’ve seen these videos, but it may have been a while ago.

Nintendo Kids

Boy gets a little tongue-tied

Boom Goes the Dynamite

A parody of David Blaine’s Street Magic specials:

Charlie Bit My Finger (one fo my all-time faves)

David After the Dentist

Obviously there’s a lot more videos on the list than I have listed here. So if you are interested, you can go to the web site, and see where (if anywhere) your favorite video appears on the list.

I’m sure if I had the time to sit down and think about my 100 favorite YouTube’s, there would be many videos on the Thrillist list that I would drop, and then several I would add.

Off the top of my head, I can only think of the “Just Look At It” video as one that would be on my list that is not included here.

And fair warning, if you go the Thrillist web site, there is a  chance you might end up watching all 100 of these videos in one sitting.

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