Photographs and Memories

The picture above is an aerial view of Kapoho, Hawaii, one of the most beautiful places we have had a chance to visit. That’s what it looked like last week; here is what it looks like now:

The second picture is showing the result of the recent lava flow from Mt. Kilauea that has destroyed homes, property, and nature.

We know the area well because a few years ago this is where our middle son lived, and where we stayed when we went to visit him. It was what you might envision Hawaii to be like, the ocean close by, and beautiful foliage everywhere.

The Pacific Ocean was a two minute walk from his house, and upon entering the water you were greeted by a tide pool that was filled with colorful fish and coral reef. We went snorkeling nearly every day, and it was like living in a fantasy world.

Today, not only is the house gone that we stayed in, but so is the tide pool. I have no idea what that means for all of the marine life that could be found there.

It reminded me of what happened last year to one of my best friends, a member of my wedding party. He and his family lived in Santa Rosa, CA, and their house was destroyed by the wildfires.

Mother Nature shows no mercy, and makes me realize how meaningless material possessions are.

All that matters are our loved ones, and to paraphrase Jim Croce, photographs and memories.

Fortunately, I am blessed with wonderful family and friends, have great  memories of the time spent with them, and photographs to help remind me of them and the places I’ve been.

It’s no wonder the most important person in the classic book The Giver was the Receiver, the person in charge of memories.

So while Mother Nature can take away our physical possessions, she can never take away our memories, so be sure to create some memorable experiences. And we have some great ones from our time in Kapoho.

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