My SAD (Stupid And Dreadful) Cartoonist Portfolio

I don’t know what’s worse – my drawings or my attempts at humor.

Or could it be that both are so bad that they work together in some sort of serendipitous way to create the next Calvin & Hobbes?

Anyway, as part of the trip down memory lane blog post series, I came across these comic strip drawings I made several years ago.

I have no idea what motivated me to do the drawings, or even more perplexing,  what motivated me to keep these drawings.

The first one is a little high brow, making reference to Aesop:

g rebuke

The second one provides biting commentary on society’s problems dealing with the marriage of technology and entertainment:

And the last one offers an intro to what was likely going to be a steady character, the boy who loved school (in homage to my time at St. Augustine’s):

So if any newspapers are looking to add to their current comic strip lineup, just let me know.

Perhaps there could be a new strip, “The Boy Who Blogged Too Much”.

The tag line could be, “He’s not funny, but he can’t draw either.”

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