Meet The Newest Member of the Borden Family!

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the newest member of the Borden family.

It’s been two weeks now since the arrival, and the past 14 days have been wonderful. To be honest, I can’t even remember what my life was like before then.

While this is a whole new experience for me, I am confident I can draw on similar experiences in the past to help me.

And this newest addition won’t be alone, but will be part of a proud tradition, surrounded by close relatives working in harmony with each other.

I’m talking of course about my new Apple Watch, my little bundle of joy that arrived in a beautiful package (but it wasn’t delivered by a stork).

I wrote a post two weeks ago about my purchase of the watch, and how I was giving it two weeks to prove to me that I should not return it.

Well I am happy to report that it passed the test, and so I have decided to keep it.

As such, it becomes the latest member of the Jim Borden family of electronic devices, including an iPhone, an Amazon Fire tablet, a Macbook, an iMac, an Amazon Echo, a Google Home, and a Polar heart monitor strap, all of which I use on a daily basis.

The watch was easy to set up; you can choose from multiple faces; I chose one that had links to a variety of key “apps”. As shown below, my watch face has links to the news, my heart rate, the weather, my email, and my calendar.

As I wrote in my first post about the Watch, the primary reason for wanting it was to be able to check my heart rate at any time, and it does that job quite well. Fortunately, I did not get to see how it would respond if I went into a-fib, but from what I have read it does an excellent job of detecting such an irregularity. This feature alone was probably enough to justify keeping the watch.

But it also does other tasks quite well. It is quite convenient to just check my watch for the latest text message, email, or notification, without having to pull out my phone all the time. I’ve also composed text messages with it using Siri, and it is quite accurate. It also works quite well for handling phone calls, the clarity of the person’s voice on the other end is quite good, and I have been told the watch delivers good sound quality on the other end as well.

I’ve also enjoyed little touches like the reminder at 50 minutes after every hour to stand up and move around for at least a minute. In a similar vein, there is also a breathing app reminder which leads you through a one-minute breathing exercise to encourage you to relax.

The battery life seems quite good; I have gone almost two full days without needing a charge a couple of times. Of course, battery usage depends a great deal on what you are doing with your watch, and at this point I’ve been using it for fairly basic tasks.

It is waterproof, which I have tested by wearing it in the shower of a couple of times, and there were no problems.

All in all, it is an amazing product, but not nearly as amazing as the iPhone. I consider the iPhone to be the single greatest product of all time, and the Watch seems to be a nice complement to it.

I hope the Watch likes its new home as much as I like it. I promise to take good care of it, and treat it with the same loving care I do all my other electronic devices.

Well now it’s bedtime for the watch; it needs to recharge itself so that it can wake up refreshed and ready to have another happy and productive day.

Sweet dreams…



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