Two Weeks In, and It’s Back to the Same Old, the Good Old Same Old

We’ve been back from our time in Europe for almost two weeks now, and we are finally settling back into many of our old routines:

  • we’re using AT&T as our cell carrier, instead of EE
  • we’re using the regular iPhone messaging app instead of Whatsapp
  • we’re back to working out at Planet Fitness
  • we had pizza Friday night at my Aunt’s house
  • we had coffee and bagels from Dunkin’ Donuts (and Manhatttan Bagel) at my Aunt’s house today
  • we’ve been to Barnes & Noble, Pipeline Taco, the Ardmore Farmer’s Market, and Robeks
  • we’ve grocery shopped at Mom’s Organic Market, Wegmans, and Whole Foods
  • my wife has been walking our dog
  • we’re driving again
  • we’ve been watching ABC World News tonight
  • my wife and son are back at work

While these are all pretty hum-drum sorts of things, there is a simple beauty and comfort in having these familiar routines to help ease the transition from the wonderful, carefree time we spent overseas back to our “normal” life.

And no matter how routinized our lives become once again, we will always have the memories (and photos) of our time abroad to serve as a reminder of how great it is to occasionally break away from routine and try something new.

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