That’s Logistics!

From an apartment in Barcelona to a hotel in Newark, NJ in 14 hours.

Here’s the details (I know, no one really cares):

  • walk from apartment to bus stop
  • take bus to airport
  • check on our luggage
  • go through security
  • go through passport control
  • wait for plane departure
  • depart from Barcelona and fly across the Atlantic
  • land in Newark and wait for airplane to pull up to a gate
  • go through passport control
  • wait for  luggage
  • go through customs control
  • take airtrain to shuttle
  • take shuttle to airport
  • arrive at hotel

If you step back and think about all of that for a moment, it’s incredible.

There’s literally and figuratively a lot of moving parts at an airport that ties all this together.

There’s all the work to get people on the plane (passport, immigration, luggage check-in, security, parking), then getting the luggage on the right plane, timing all the arrivals and departures with air traffic control, feeding and entertaining the passengers, and organizing all of the transportation (buses, taxis, pick-ups, shuttles, airport monorails and trains) outside the airport.

Somehow it all comes together. There may be minor blips along the way (and I’m often one of the first to complain about it), but all in all, it is a logistics miracle.

Getting people from point A to point B, in this case nearly 4,000 miles, safely, and with all of their possessions in 14 hours.

Thanks to all the people who are part of this process; you’re part of what makes the world a smaller, and better place.


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