Karma, Part 2…

Two weeks ago I wrote about how I had secretly hoped that I would have had the opportunity to be sitting outside at a London pub while there was a major snowstorm back home in Philly. As fate/Karma would have it, almost the reverse happened. London was hit with record setting cold temperatures and snow, while Philly had been experiencing relatively warm weather.

Well that quickly changed right after my post, with Philly being hit with multiple nor’easters.

And now, in the ultimate Karma, there is a good chance our flight back to the U.S., scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday), will be cancelled, or at least delayed, because of a major snowstorm.

So I’ve learned my lesson; I’ll never wish bad weather on another city.

But I really can’t complain, after all, if our flight is cancelled, there’s worse places to be than in sunny Barcelona.

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