Sounds Like I’d Fit Right in at Apple’s New Headquarters

Silicon Beat is reporting that there are some unintended consequences associated with Apple’s new $5 billion corporate headquarters in Cupertino, CA.

It seems like all that glass is the culprit.

Apple employees working at the company’s new spaceship campus are running smack dab into the new digs’ glass walls and doors.

Some employees have gone as far as to place Post-it notes on the panes as a low-tech warning, Bloomberg reports, but those sticky pieces of paper were taken down, because the notes allegedly distracted from the building’s design.

I can certainly empathize with those unfortunate Apple employees.

As some of you may know, I once walked into the glass door that leads into my classroom, and there’s even video evidence of it (sort of).

Since I have all of my classes videotaped, the episode was somewhat captured for everyone to enjoy. While you can’t actually see me walk into the door, that large sound at about seven seconds is yours truly walking full speed right into the glass door.

You can also hear one student say “He just walked into the door”, and another student ask me if I was OK. At the end of the video you can see me walk into the classroom trying to act as if nothing happened.

Fortunately, just like with the Apple employees, it was not a major injury, here is what I looked like after a couple of days.

So if you live in Cupertino and you start to see a few people walking around town with a bump like that on their forehead, it may be a safe bet to assume the person works at Apple.

I feel like I’m finally part of the Apple cult…

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