The Brits Are a Hardy People

The weather in London has been relatively mild, at least compared to the weather back home in Philadelphia. Temperatures typically reach a high in the mid 40s, and the lows are in the upper 30s.

But it’s still winter.

We are outside quite a bit, and I bundle up as much as I can. I am sure when I look back on our pictures from our time in Europe, virtually every picture will show me wearing a black beanie hat and a black jacket covering up a gray hoodie. With all of the walking we have been doing, we look forward to stopping in at stores or restaurants just to get warm.

Well apparently the same can’t be said for the British.

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve passed a pub or a restaurant and there are people eating or simply having a drink outside. And it’s not because there is no room inside. These were conscious decisions these individuals made to go outside to have a drink.

This is a photo I took one night around nine o’clock (on a week night) of several people sitting outside having a drink in 30 degree weather.

The picture at the top of the post is the outside eating area of a restaurant, again at night in temperatures below 40 degrees.

Neither of these places had outside heaters or anything like that – these people are just tougher than I am. I’m sure as I walked past them I was thinking I can’t wait to get somewhere warm.

Now I think a big part of this eating and drinking outside is driven by the smoking culture. Since you can’t smoke inside these establishments, they head outside.

Given my dislike of the cold, that would be enough to get me to stop smoking.

So yes, the Brits are tougher than I am when it comes to dealing with the cold.

But how many of them can walk into a glass door, and act like nothing happened?

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