The Nicest Apology I’ve Ever Gotten as a Customer

My wife, son, and I went out for an early dinner to Wahaca, a local Mexican restaurant in London. I think this was our fourth visit already in our short time here, so you know the food is good.

I ordered a burrito, and asked the waiter to leave off the cream and the cheese, and he said, “So you want it vegan?” I was surprised and impressed that he picked up on what I was trying to do, I don’t think that’s ever happened in the U.S. My son also asked for a burrito, with no black beans.

Well a few minutes later the burritos arrived, and after a couple of bites I noticed what looked like a cream sauce in my burrito. My son also discovered black beans in his. We called the waiter over, and he apologized, and he said that he had even emphasized our requested changes to the chefs.

We said it was no big deal, and he said that he would get us new ones.

A couple of minutes after he left, a young woman who seemed to be the manager came by our table, and offered us the most sincere apology I’ve ever experienced. She said she knows how upset she would be if she ordered a vegan item and it came with chicken in it. She told us that the kitchen was going to make things right, and that we would not be charged for our burritos. She then also offered us another round of Pacifico beers for free while we were waiting.

When the meals were finished cooking, she delivered them herself to our table, and came back again in a couple of minutes to make sure everything was OK.

My burrito was one of the best I have ever had, and my son felt the same way about his. I’m sure part of what made it so tasty was the positive mood I was in from being treated so well. I was quite impressed with how the restaurant handled the mistake. They took responsibility for it, they apologized for it, and made up for it. (Our President could learn a lot from such behavior).

In the end, I left liking the restaurant even more than when we went in, and with a story I’m happy to share with everyone I meet.

Thank you Wahaca for your great food and even more so for your great customer service. I know we’ll be back a few more times.

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