The Wall Street Journal’s Annual Comedy Issue

Today was the annual comedy issue for the Wall Street Journal, more formally known as the Guide to the Fall 2018 Men’s Trends.

Seriously, who dresses like this:

or this:

Now the suits they showed didn’t look too bad, particularly if you are on the younger side (i.e., not my age):

But then it’s back to the funny pages with this:

As usually happens, the comments make things even funnier. Here’s a sampling:

  • This is why they want to kill us.
  • How to dress dead men in clown costumes.
  • Other than comic relief, is there one good reason to kill a tree for this display of how not to dress??

So I guess I’m not the only one who doesn’t get these fashion trends, and I agree completely with another commenter who noted:

No; I suppose I will NOT be trendy, ever. Comfortable, warm, or cool, as the weather dictates, yes – but trendy – nope.

That’s my goal, particularly the one about being warm.

These fashion trends usually fall into one of two categories, either they are too far out there for, and if they aren’t, then their prices are too far out there for me.

I certainly wish these fashion designers the best; I admire their creativity and willingness to go out on the edge with their fashion lines.

But don’t be looking for me to be wearing any of these styles – I don’t think they would be, and are probably glad I won’t be.

*images from WSJ