A Medley of Street Performers in London

One of my favorite things to stumble upon is street performers, of all types.

Singers, musicians, jugglers, break dancers, magicians; you name it; I want to see it.

It’s been wonderful seeing a large number of street performers in our first week in London, and I thought I’d post short clips of their performances, or in a couple of cases, just a photo.

The photo of the juggler above was taken on the South Bank, right in front of the Tate Modern. A little bit of the old and a little bit of the new…

Right past the juggler we ran across this guy with a typewriter, who would type an original poem for you on the spot:

Here’s a singing pizza chef at Harrod’s:

Next we came across a busker on the South Bank, with St. Paul’s Cathedral visible across the river:

A woman singing Ave Maria at Covent Garden:

An original song at Trafalgar Square:

Alleluia at Piccadilly:

An Elvis wannabe near the West End:

That’s most of the performances I’ve seen, but some I just missed out on (a group of breakdancers right near Chinatown, and some performers I was in too much of a rush to film, like those in the Underground). Perhaps I’ll make a separate post of just those performances taking place in the subway.

Anyway, enjoy the performances. I’ve always admired the courage that doing something like this must entail; putting yourself out there in the public, with just you and your skill set.

I love it…

Here are a couple older posts I’ve written about street performers: post 1  post 2



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