Who Would Have Known? National Dog Show Is Must See TV

I was flipping through the channels, looking for something mindless to watch, and I noticed that the National Dog Show was on NBC. I wasn’t in the mood for another football game, so I clicked on the Dog Show, fully expecting to watch it for five minutes and then move on.

But there was something about those first five minutes that captured our attention, and we ended up watching the entire two-hour show.

Hosted by the Philadelphia Kennel Club, here’s a brief description of the format of the show, from Wikipedia:

Each of the more than 190 AKC registered breeds and varieties are assigned to one of seven groups representing characteristics and functions the breeds were originally bred for. The First In Group from among each of these seven groups compete against each other for Best In Show.

In case you’re curious, the seven groups are:

  • Terrier
  • Toy
  • Working
  • Sporting
  • Hound
  • Non-Sporting
  • Herding

The National Dog show is one of the three major dog shows in the United States, along with the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship and the Westminster Dog Show.

There were some unusual looking dogs on the show, which I guess is part of what attracted our attention.

I don’t pretend to know anything about what makes for a winning dog, but it didn’t stop me from choosing which dogs I thought were the best in each group. My favorite dog overall was the Newfoundland, even though it was only shown for a brief moment. Unfortunately it didn’t even make it to the “semifinals”.

Newton the Brussels griffon from the toy group (pictured at the top of this post with his trainer),  won the coveted Best in Show title, given to the top canine among those who won First in Group of the seven dog groups.

Newton beat out the whippet from the hound group, the old English sheepdog in the herding group, the Portuguese water dog in the working group, the American Staffordshire terrier in the terrier group, the English springer spaniel in the sporting group and the French bulldog in the non-sporting group.

It was a nice relaxing way to spend a Saturday night, and I look forward to watching it again next year.

But I’m not counting on our Nellie to be one of the competitors.

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