I May Have to Reconsider My Thoughts about Leaf Raking

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about how I do not rake the leaves in my yard, but instead opt to mulch them with my mower.

While the mulching may not result in a yard that looks “clean”, I offered support for my decision by referencing the article “The Science of Fall Leaves: Better to Rake or Leave?“, which appeared on the Discovery web site. The following paragraph summarizes the gist of the article quite nicely:

Our basic position is that a tremendous amount of energy is used to rake and remove leaves from the landscape,” said Joe Rimelspach, program specialist in turf grass pathology at Ohio State University. “The best thing is to use a mulching lawnmower. You recycle the nutrients. You aren’t having a loss of nutrients from the trees. Also you are recycling the organic matter and aren’t removing it from the ecosystem of the landscape.

I’ve been mulching/not raking for a few years now, but given what happened this past week, I may need to reconsider my position.

Senator Rand Paul was attacked by one of his neighbors this week, leaving Paul with five broken ribs and bruises to his lungs. While there are still questions about what led to the attack, the New York Times is reporting that the altercation began over a landscaping dispute between the senator and his longtime next-door neighbor, according to neighbors and three Kentucky Republicans familiar with what transpired. Competing explanations of the origins of the drama cited stray yard clippings, newly planted saplings, and unraked leaves.

Who knew that someone could get so upset, and so violent, about unraked leaves in a neighbor’s yard. Perhaps some of the leaves blew into the neighbor’s yard, and that was the straw, or the leaf, that broke the camel’s back.

The neighbor who attacked Paul was a retired anesthesiologist; perhaps it had been a while since he had put someone to sleep, and he was looking for any excuse to relive his glory days of knocking people out.

Maybe in the future Paul could hire some of the guys that have been fired by President Trump to come and rake his leaves.

And when they are finished with Paul’s yard, they can fly out to my house and take care of mine. Just don’t use Air Force One…

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