How Can a Commercial Have Me Crying in Less Than Three Minutes?

Today in class I had the opportunity to show the classic TV commercial, “Think Different”, by Apple.

I told my students that I am a big fan of commercials; the creators typically have less than a minute to create a memorable high quality video that tells a compelling story meant to emotionally impact the viewer, possibly to the point of taking action.

It’s a tall order, and over the past couple of years I’ve shared what I considered some of the my favorite commercials that seemed to meet all the criteria to be a classic.

Showing the Apple commercial put me in the mood to do some searching to see if there are any current commercials that have the potential to be a classic.

Well it didn’t take me too long to come across the following commercial from HP that seems to have all the right ingredients for success. A great story, some great music, a great ending, and effective product promotion.

It had me in tears by the end.

If you would like to read more about he background of the commercial, Adweek has written a great story about it.

The song is an old Donovan tune, Catch the Wind, which seems perfect for the commercial. If you would like to listen to the song accompanied by the lyrics, here is a video:

I just watched the HP commercial a second time, and it brought on a fresh batch of tears.

Well done, HP!

P.S. Just showed it to my wife, we were both in tears…

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