What If We No Longer Died of “Natural Causes”? Gun Control Laws Might Finally Pass…

Polstats had an interesting graphic on its site today.

It created a simulation that looked at how long humans would live if all diseases were cured, meaning that we only died of “unnatural causes, like car accidents or a gun shooting.

Using data the from the Insurance Information Institute, which based its figures on the National Center for Health Statistics’ 2013 report, the average life expectancy in the United States would increase from the current 78 years — to a much more impressive 8,938 years.

You can then run a simulation that shows what type of “unnatural event” would be the cause of death for a sample of 100 people, and how long it would take for all 100 people to eventually die.

Since it is a simulation, you get slightly different results every time you run it.

However, what doesn’t change too much is the percentage of deaths caused by certain types of accidents.

The number one cause of death would be a car accident, responsible for about 60% of the deaths. Second was guns, at 27%. After that, there’s a big drop off to the third cause of unnatural, fire, at 6%.

The simulation takes just a couple of minutes to run it all the way through, until all 100 people have died.

The first time I ran it, the final six causes of death were either a car accident or a gun. When there were only two people left, the next person died of a car accident in 26,733 years. It then took more than 20,000 years for the final person to die, from a gunshot. Obviously, the person had to shoot himself; maybe he or she just got bored of living by themselves for 20,000 years.

In another simulation, cars were the final four causes of death.

And in the most recent one I ran, car accidents were responsible for the final two deaths. The last person lived over 10,000 years by himself. How do you get in a car accident if there is no one else on the road, and you are in perfect health?

The people who created the poll made an interesting observation that perhaps with the advent of self-driving cars, the number of deaths caused by car accidents may drop significantly.

Maybe then guns will become the number one cause of death – and maybe that’s what is needed to get common sense gun control measures in place.

Here is the link to the simulation if you wold like to try it: Pollstat

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