Classic Rivalries – Part II

Yesterday I wrote about some classic sports rivalries, including Army vs. Navy, Duke vs. UNC, and Michigan vs. Ohio State. But my favorite one to write about was the one between Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer, since I came a cross a few great stories in my research.

Today I thought I would write about 10 classic business rivalries; some that probably come to mind are Coke vs. Pepsi and UPS vs. Fedex. But there are several others. In yesterday’s post I gave a scorecard as which team or individual was winning the rivalry. I’ll do the same thing in this post, using market value as the primary measure as to which company is winning the rivalry, along with annual sales and the number of twitter followers for other comparisons.

Let’s get started; I’ve bolded the winning company for each of the three comparisons (market value, annual sales, and Twitter followers).

Coke vs Pepsi: The Coca Cola company was founded in 1886, PepsiCo in 1898. Today, Coke’s market value is $179 billion, while Pepsi’s is $151 billion. Sales at CocaCola for 2015 were $44 billion, while sales at PepsiCo were $63 billion. Coke has 3.3 million Twitter followers, while Pepsi has 3 million Twitter followers.

UPS vs FedEx: UPS was founded in 1907, FedEx in 1971. Today, UPS’s market value is $101 billion, while FedEx’s is $51 billion. Sales at UPS for 2015 were $58 billion, while sales at FedEx were $51 billion. UPS has 167,000 Twitter followers, while FedEx has 244,000 Twitter followers.

AT&T vs Verizon: AT&T was founded in 1907, Verizon in 1971. Today, AT&T‘s market value is $262 billion, while Verizon’s is $219 billion. Sales at AT&T for 2015 were $146 billion, while sales at Verizon were $132 billion. AT&T has 796,000 Twitter followers, while Verizon has 1.7 million Twitter followers.

Dunkin’ Donuts vs. Starbucks: Dunkin’ Donuts was founded in 1950, Starbucks in 1971. Today, Dunkin’ Donuts‘s market value is $5 billion, while Starbucks’s is $83 billion. Sales at Dunkin’ Donuts for 2015 were $810 million, while sales at Starbucks were $21 billion. Dunkin’ Donuts has 1.1 million Twitter followers, while Starbucks has 11.8 million Twitter followers.

McDonald’s vs Burger King: McDonalds was founded in 1955, Burger King in 1954. Today, McDonald’s market value is $103 billion and its sales for 2015 were $25 billion. As a privately held firm, Burger King does not release market value or sales figures. Suffice it to say, McDonald’s has a big lead in each category. McDonald’s has 3.3 million Twitter followers, while Burger King has 1.5 million Twitter followers. There are 36,000 McDonald’s worldwide and 15,000 Burger King outlets.

Ford vs. GM: Ford was founded in 1903, GM in 1908. Today, Ford‘s market value is $49 billion, while GM’s is $55 billion. Sales at Ford for 2015 were $150 billion, while sales at GM were $152 billion. Ford has 954,000 Twitter followers, while GM has 554,000 Twitter followers.

Nike vs Adidas: Nike was founded in 1964, Adidas in 1949. Today, Nike‘s market value is $87 billion, while Adidas’s is $31 billion. Sales at Nike for 2015 were $32 billion, while sales at Adidas were $18 billion. Nike has 6.7 million Twitter followers, while Adidas has 3 million Twitter followers.

Visa vs Mastercard vs American Express: Visa was founded in 1958, Mastercard in 1966, and AmEx in 1850. Today, Visa‘s market value is $164 billion, while Mastercard’s is $113 billion and AmEx’s is $68 billion. Sales at Visa for 2015 were $15 billion, while sales at Mastercard were $9.7 billion and AmEx sales were $34 billion. Visa has 351,000 Twitter followers, while Mastercard has 461,000 Twitter followers, and AmEx has 892,000.

CVS vs Walgreens: CVS was founded in 1963, Walgreens in 1901. Today, CVS‘s market value is $84 billion, while Walgreens’s is $90 billionSales at CVS for 2015 were $153, while sales at Walgreens were $117 billion. CVS has 314,000 million Twitter followers, while Walgreens has 930,000 Twitter followers.

Wawa vs : Simply put, Wawa has no rival. And since it is privately held, it does not release financial info. It does have 222,000 Twitter followers.

There are several other rivalries I may talk about in a future post – such as Gates vs. Jobs, xBox vs. Playstation, and Duracell vs. Energizer.

In the meantime, if you’d like to read other articles about business rivalries, here are a couple that I found:

The 50 greatest business rivalries of all time

The Top 10 Business Rivalries in History

These stories have some of the same rivalries that I include, as well as additional background on each company.


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