4 hours, 3 minutes, and 46 seconds

That’s how long Bruce Springsteen’s concert was last night at Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia, setting a record for the longest show he has ever performed in North America. (He did a show in 2012 in Helsinki, Finland that lasted 4 hours and 6 minutes).

By the way, the time estimate comes from Bob Vetrone, a sports statistician with the Philadelphia Daily News and longtime Springsteen fan:


My wife, youngest son, and grand nephew were part of the 40,000+ fans that were lucky enough to witness such an epic event.

Bruce will turn 67 years old in two weeks, and his energy level is otherworldly. He seemed like he could have gone another couple of hours, as could the members of the E Street Band.

The show started off with 10 songs from his first two albums, which were both released in 1973! Listening to the songs brought back many great memories. The highlight to me was the Incident on 57th Street and Rosalita combo that happened about an hour into the show.

Here’s a 10-minute version of Incident from 1978 (selected videos from last night’s show are at the end of this post):

After Thunder Road, it’s my favorite Springsteen song (that was my only regret about last night’s show – no Thunder Road. Fortunately, I’ve heard him play it a few times. But he did play Thundercrack, which is another one of my faves.)

After the trip back through time, Bruce opted to play a nice mix of his later material. Some of the highlight for me from that material included No Surrender, American Skin, and The Rising.

A little more than three hours into the show, he began his encore. I had trouble recognizing the actual transition into the encore, since I did not see any real break taken by Bruce or the E Street Band. I’m just going by what all the reviews and setlists have to say about the show. (By the way, if you want to read a great review and see the full setlist, here is a great link.)

The encore began with a nice treat for the Philly crowd, Streets of Philadelphia. From there, he just played hit song after hit song, ending with Bobby Jean.

By now, it was a few minutes after midnight, but Bruce still seemed as energetic as ever, as did the crowd.

Sadly, though, all good things must come to an end, and it was time to go home.

Thank you, Bruce, for a memorable evening, and for sharing your talent and your love for music with the world.

Selected videos from last night’s show:


Incident on 57th Street


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