Move-In Day!

Are there many moments more exciting than move-in day at college, particularly for freshmen?

I am sure there is also a lot of stress leading up to the big day, but hopefully that stress is overwhelmed by the amount of excitement associated with such an event.

It seems as if schools have become logistics experts in terms of the way they handle move-in day. At Villanova, students are assigned a certain time slot when they can move in to their dorm. Once they arrive on campus, they can pull their car up close to their dorm, unload their car right at the curb, and then move the car to the main parking lot immediately afterwards. Such a process keeps the long line of cars moving at a fairly good pace, and I assume such a process minimizes the total amount of time required to complete move-in day.

The public safety officers seemed a bit stressed to me as I walked through the hustle and bustle, yelling at the families to speed up the unloading of their cars, and getting impatient if a driver did not immediately respond to their hand signals as to where to park their car, but all things considered, everything appeared to be going smoothly.

Fortunately it was not too hot a day, and I did not see anyone collapsing under the weight of all the stuff they were moving into their dorm rooms. I also didn’t see anyone getting upset with the public safety officers…

When I think of move-in day, I think of the classic, final Calvin and Hobbes comic strip shown below.


Hobbes: “Everything familiar has disappeared! The world looks brand new!”

Calvin: “A new year… a fresh, clean start!

Hobbes: “It’s like having a big white sheet of paper to draw on!”

Calvin: “A day full of possibilities!”

Calvin: “It’s a magical world Hobbes, Ol’ Buddy…”

Calvin: “Let’s go exploring!”

I think those words describe fairly well what the beginning of a new academic year is like for students, and it’s even more special for the freshmen.

As a faculty member I feel the same way at the beginning of each semester; it’s a fresh, clean start, full of possibilities.

My hope is that college students everywhere get to experience a magical world, one full of possibilities.

And don’t forget to go exploring…

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