Optimizing Your Blog for SEO, Courtesy of Donald Trump

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some of my online marketing tips.

In a previous post I had written about how I had dramatically increased my Twitter followers (How My Twitter Following Went from 250 to 253 in Just One Week!) . The post was a huge hit, going viral and increasing my Twitter followers to nearly 260 a few days later.

As noted in that post, I charge nothing for these valuable tips and insights. I know this creates resentment among people who make a living by selling such solutions for significant amounts of money, but coming from the world of academia it’s just part of my DNA to share my knowledge for the greater good.

This time around I thought I would take a look at search engine optimization, or SEO.

One of the ultimate goals of anyone who has a web page, whether it’s an individual or a Fortune 100 company, is to have their web page show up at or near the top of a Google search.

Given that there are over a billion web sites out there, it is a daunting task to have a web user find your page.

It’s perhaps no surprise then that there are hundreds of firms that specialize in SEO, often charging significant amounts for promises of better search rankings for their clients’ web sites, but not always delivering on those promises.

The SEO firms will then blame Google for changing their search algorithms, thus rendering their techniques obsolete.

Well to me, SEO is easy, and I will offer proof.

Here are five search terms I typed into Google:

  • “evian babies” borden “well done”
  • “bachman-turner” cowbells gardner borden
  • trump “stand-up” borden “last candidate”
  • lemonade “marriage vow”
  • “warren buffett” twitter “sunk cost” joy

In each case (except for the last one), one of my blog posts is the first result returned. You can try it for yourself if you don’t believe me.

In the case of the Warren Buffett search, there were three twitter accounts that show up ahead of my blog post on the topic, in essence still making mine the first web page in the results.

So how did I do it?

Well here’s the answer I gave when I explained it to one of my students:

Well you are asking me a theoretical, or just a question in theory, and I talked about it only from that standpoint. Of course not. And that was done, I said, you know, I guess it was theoretically, but you were asking me a rhetorical question, and I gave an answer. And by the way, students thought from an academic standpoint, and asked rhetorically, other teachers said that answer was an unbelievable academic answer. But of course not, and I said that afterwards. Everybody understands that.

So just follow the steps outlined above, and you should have no trouble getting your web site at the top of Google search queries.

Coming up soon I’ll do a post about how to make millions from your web site…

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