A New Way to Cast Your Vote for President


I’ve been thinking about this idea for the past couple of weeks, and when Facebook released their new set of emojis, it was the push I needed to try and put my thoughts down in words.

With the upcoming presidential election, I have to admit that no one really gets me excited, but there are some candidates that really frighten me.

So I thought rather than go with the option of not voting at all, what if there was a way you could cast a “dislike” vote for someone?

I haven’t worked out the logistics, but one idea might be that each voter gets to cast just one vote, whether it is a vote FOR someone, or AGAINST someone. Each single vote against someone would negate a single vote for that person.

I’ve heard several people express concern about the upcoming election. Some candidates have a large negative rating, but there does not seem to be any way for voters to act on that negative reaction. Perhaps giving people the opportunity to vote against someone would allow their voice to be heard.

Even if casting a vote against someone didn’t factor into the final vote, at least it’s a way for people to blow off some steam, and to feel like they participated in the election process.

If such a process were in place for the upcoming election, the hardest part for me would be deciding who would get my negative vote; there’s so many good choices…


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