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It’s been quite a while since I’ve responded to some of the comments and emails I get from my readers. Before the backlog gets too big, I thought I would take the time to respond to some of the ones I received. I apologize that I am unable to personally answer the thousands of emails and comments I receive each month, but please know that I do read everything that is sent to me, and I appreciate your taking the time to do so.

So let’s get to the mailbag.

  • Jim: You’ve now posted something to your blog for over 400 straight days. Where do you find the inspiration for each of your posts?
    Signed, I Post Once a Month

Dear Once a Month: Someone once said that good artists copy, great artists steal. Lazy blog writers like me do a lot of both. Instead of calling it “copy and paste”, I like to think of what I do as “steal and paste”.

  • Dear Jogging timer application and other courses will mess your
    personal computer registry In addition decide whether or not you have to select short term insurance policies or long lasting policies depending upon your family desires.
    Signed, Robocommenter

Dear Robocommenter: First, thank you for being such a loyal reader and avid commenter to my blog. Second, thank you for the valuable info about my computer registry, I will be more careful of using the jogger timer application. And finally, please send me your phone number, I would like to talk to you about my insurance needs.

  • Dear Jim: Thank you for submitting one of your posts for possible publication at the Huffington Post. Here is the feedback I received from one of the editors who reviewed your submission.

    “Mr. Jim Borden, a writer from Villanova, PA sent us his post last night. The post met our basic editorial guidelines in terms of word length, but unfortunately his submission was not up to contemporary professional standards. His writing lacks the range of tonal color necessary to make it consistently interesting. Full time consideration of another endeavor might be in order.”

Please do not bother us again.
Signed, Arianna

Dear Arianna: I think you’re getting me mixed up with Mr. Tanner of Harry Chapin fame. Did anyone even read what I submitted? Or maybe you did, and if that’s the true feedback, then I’ll never write again, excepting very late at night when my room is dark and closed. Writing was my life, not my livelihood. It made me feel so happy and it made me feel so good. I wrote from my heart and I wrote from my soul.

Dear Jim, Have you decided on which Presidential candidate you are going to support? I think once you make such an announcement on Twitter, your support could put that candidate over the top. I’ll make sure your tweet gets promoted heavily.
Signed, Jack D.

Dear Jack D.: First, please don’t mess with the order in which Twitter displays its tweets. As to the election, through a process of elimination, I am getting closer and closer to settling on a candidate to support. My fear is that I will eliminate everyone.


4 thoughts on “Reader Comments and Questions

  1. Another entertaining post. Go, Jim. Give us something on the atmosphere on the campus of Americas #1 team.

  2. My friend, I would have laughed out loud at this if my husband weren’t sleeping and my little dog the type to bark at every little noise. (I’m laughing on the inside.)

    I think this is my favorite feature of your blog.

    I have a half-written post (from about five years ago) on the spam comments I receive — my own little attempt at humor — but yours are much better, so I’ll defer to you. Or maybe one day I’ll get around to finishing my own post.

    Thanks for the laugh!

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