Thank You Banfield Pet Hospital


This past week we had to put our dog Butters to sleep, and the love and care offered by the people at Banfield Pet Hospital could not have been more generous.

Everyone, from the cashier, to the vet, to the assistants, expressed their sympathy for our loss. While the vet was explaining the process to us, she actually started to cry herself, saying that she feels bad during times like this. Could you ask for anything more from a vet – someone who is as emotionally invested as you are in your pet?

And then, to top it all off, we received a sympathy card (shown above) just a few days later, signed by all those who work there. That’s more concern than some places show when there is loss of a human life.

Our oldest son and his roommates got Butters from a dog shelter when they were juniors in college, and when they graduated two years later, our son, and Butters, moved in with us. When our son moved out, the dog stayed with us, and was a member of our family for almost 12 years.

Butters was a great dog, fiercely loyal and lovable to those he knew, initially wary of anyone who came into our house (for all of 30 seconds), and went berserk whenever the mailman came to the door.

He was in good health until about three weeks ago, at which time he seemed to lose all of his energy and interest in eating. When we took him to the Banfield vet, she ran some tests and concluded that he likely had cancer, and that we should just try to keep him comfortable. As his health deteriorated dramatically, his quality of life suffered, and we felt it was best to put him to sleep.

It was not an easy decision, but the vet and her staff at Banfield could not have been more kind to us during that difficult time, and for that we will be forever grateful.

So thank you to the staff at Banfield Hospital, we can’t recommend you highly enough.

5 thoughts on “Thank You Banfield Pet Hospital

  1. Thank you for another wonderful post Jim. Across the country so many of us share in these poignant memories as we bid farewell to the wonderful creatures who have graced our lives with their kind hearts and joyful spirits. Those who dedicate their lives to the care of animals indeed offer us special gifts during times like these… It is a very kind moment to share with all of us. Many Thanks and best wishes,estelle

    1. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words. My sense is that many people become vets and work with animals primarily because of their love for animals. We were fortunate to have met such a person.

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