I’ll Never Wash My Hands Again…

cultural valley asparagus

I must admit that I don’t watch too many NBA games, unless the Sixers are in the playoffs (cue the canned laughter).

But the NBA has put together a great commercial featuring Andre Iguodala of the Golden State Warriors.

I’ll let the video speak for itself:

The video has humor, a dunk by Iguodala, a great ending, and a clear message about NBA Saturday Primetime on ABC. What more could you ask for in 30 seconds?

I think the biggest celebrity I’ve had a chance to meet was Penn Jillette, when he, along with Teller and Wier Chrisemer, was part of a trio known as Asparagus Valley Cultural Society, and the group was doing a college tour in the mid 70s. I’ve written about the experience before, and suffice it to say, it did not go as well as the young NBA fan’s experience.

Perhaps if it had gone better, who knows, maybe I wouldn’t have washed my hands either, at least until the next swim team practice.

Well done NBA, and thank you Penn for a memory that will last a lifetime (and congrats on the weight loss and adopting a healthy lifestyle).