The Fire Started How??!!


I enjoy the Farmers Insurance commercials, and when I heard the company had a web site that detailed some of its more unusual insurance claims, I had to check it out.

Here are some of the more interesting ones, with some humorous animations:

Hot DogWhile it’s true that dogs are man’s best friend, it’s also true that pizza is a dog’s best friend. So when a dog saw an untended pizza box on the top of a stove, it was too tempting to ignore. In the process of clawing his way onto the stove, the dog turned the burners on high. Next thing the pyromaniac pooch’s owner knew, that pizza box had become a very nasty kitchen fire. Happily, no people, or canines, were hurt.

UFH2OBeing a homeowner doesn’t necessarily qualify you as a Mr. Fix-It. One Farmers customer came to that realization the hard way, after trying his hand at fixing his water heater. A few short hours later, the water heater went rogue. It rocketed out of the roof of the home, destroying the house and parked cars, and damaging a good portion of the neighborhood. The moral of the story: stick to what you know.

Taquitos en FuegoTaquitos are usually designated either “mild” or “hot.” For one Farmers customer, they also come in “inferno.” After making a batch of taquitos, the Farmers customer headed out for a game of softball, unaware that a burning taquito ember had lodged itself into an oven mitt. Left in a kitchen drawer, not only did the oven mitt catch fire, but so did the entire kitchen.

Laws of Refraction: When you buy a piece of outdoor yard art, the last thing you’d expect is for it to set your house on fire. But that’s exactly what happened to this unlucky Farmers customer. Turns out the glass was positioned in just the right (or wrong) direction, and it perfectly focused the rays of the midday sun into an intense, laser-like beam that set the porch on fire.

The last one seems like the most unusual one, and one that I’m not sure who would have thought of that possible outcome when hanging a non-electrical device on your porch.

I’m sure these types of claims add some levity to what could be a potentially stressful job, dealing with upset clients who have been harmed in some way and are looking to the insurance company to make things right.

By the way, I am not affiliated with Farmers Insurance at all, but I did start my career in the Group Insurance division of Prudential. It’s that job that provided the impetus to explore a career in academia, and so I will always be grateful for my 14 months at Prudential.


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