Thirteen Words and Phrases That Should Be Banished


I just read about a list of words that Lake Superior State University believes should be banished.

One of the goals of writing this blog has been to try and start a conversation with my readers; however, I still have not figured out what the secret sauce is for doing so and as a result achieving this particular goal has been problematic. One of the issues I have had is trying to find my niche, what the common underlying theme is to my blog posts. I think if I were able to do that, it would make it easier to target the right stakeholders to engage with.

I thought this might be a the type of topic that could generate a lot of buzz, and the post would create some controversy, and I’d end up breaking the internet because of all the commenting, tweeting, and sharing that the post had generatedAs a result, I would be asked to testify before the FCC down in Washington. Since the FCC would be paying my way for the presser, I’d reserve a first class seat on Acela Express, no matter the price point. To add to the celebration, I’d probably even do a little manspreading while in transit. If my body wasn’t quite ready for the physicality of such a move, I could try relaxing a bit by vaping, and see if that helps.

My fear is that in the middle of the presser, someone from the FCC asks me to cite the source for one of the claims I made in my now famous viral post. Unable to do so, I’d be forced to walk it back.

Once the presser is over, and I’ve been humiliated, I couldn’t wait to get back to suburban Philadelphia and go back to writing a blog that no one really reads. It is after all, one of the things that is giving me life.

So, in case you haven’t guessed what they are yet here is the list of words that Lake Superior State University believes should be banished.

  • so
  • conversation
  • problematic
  • stakeholder
  • price point
  • secret sauce
  • break the internet
  • walk it back
  • presser
  • manspreading
  • vape
  • giving me life
  • physicality

I’ll make it a New Year’s resolution to avoid using these words…

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