Thank You to All Artists


Since we will be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow, today offered a chance to just relax, and have a nice peaceful day.

I spent some time going through my YouTube playlist, looking for songs that seemed appropriate for today, and ended up watching the following:

Peace Train by Cat Stevens

Peaceful Easy Feeling by The Eagles

Back Home Again by John Denver

Back Home Again seems like a perfect Thanksgiving Day song.

Later in the afternoon we went to watch “Creed”, the latest Rocky movie. It was a fabulous movie, and had me in tears a couple of times.

When I sat back to reflect on the day a bit, I felt a sense of gratitude for all these artists who discovered a talent, worked hard to develop that talent, and then had the courage to share that talent with the world.

So a big thank you to all artists – singers, songwriters, musicians, actors, writers, directors, painters, sculptors, comedians, jugglers, magicians, clowns, balloon artists, and all others for your willingness to take a risk of sharing a little bit of your creative self with the world, and in the process, making it a happier, more peaceful place.

Happy Thanksgiving to all family and friends!


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