Just the Facts


I can’t take it any more –  watching people share their opinions on Facebook and other social media, and then trying to back up their opinions with alleged facts.

Occasionally I will find a well-reasoned argument that makes me think about my own opinion on the matter, but more often than not people just pass along stories they see in their news feed, without checking the facts for themselves.

Several times in the past month I’ve read what someone has posted to Facebook and thought that something about the story they shared just didn’t sound right. So I would go to snopes.com, and sure enough, in less than a minute, I find out the story is not true.

So all I ask of people is that before you post something written by somebody else, just do a little research. Otherwise, when you post a false story, it severely undermines your credibility and it weakens the argument you are trying to make.

I realize that some people have claimed that snopes.com is not the be all, end all, authority on every topic, and I agree. That is why it may be worth checking multiple sources to see if your story is legitimate.

The Florida Times Union/Jacksonville.com posted a story a couple of years ago that looked at the various fact checking sites, such as snopes.com, factcheck.org, truthorfiction.com, and politifact.comThe story concludes by saying “These fact-finders all help to arrive at the truth. But we believe that confirming accuracy through multiple sources and original reporting is the best guarantee.”

I couldn’t agree more.

So please, the next time you are about to post some scathing facts about someone or something, please do some research first.

Your reputation is on the line.

To read more of my thoughts about fact checking sites, click here.

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