Man on the Moon: Best Commercial of the 2015 Holiday Season


It’s another winner for British retailer John Lewis.

For the past few years the retailer has partnered with ad agency adam&eveDDB to create heartwarming Christmas commercials. This year’s creation is titled “Man on the Moon”, and once again successfully

Here are a few excerpts from an Adweek story about the commercial and the campaign:

“The most eagerly anticipated ad of the holiday season—and probably the year—rolled out Friday, as British retailer John Lewis unveiled its latest heartwarming Christmas commercial, heading to the moon for a magical story about loneliness, connection and, yes, how the right present can make everything a little better. 

It was always going to be tough to top last year’s near-perfect Monty the Penguin,” but “Man on the Moon” has its own unique charms. (If you haven’t seen Monty the Penguin, trust me, it is well worth two minutes of your time.) Gauging by the initial reaction on Twitter, it’s hitting plenty of people “right in the feels.” And it also has a laudable charity aspect that suits the season well.

As part of the campaign, John Lewis has partnered with Age UK to help some of the million older people in the U.K. who can go for a month without speaking to anyone. The retailer will support the partnership with in-store and online activity, and will donate proceeds from the sale of select Christmas merchandise to the cause.

The retailer will also open moon pop-ups in 11 stores, where shoppers will be able to take photos with a lunar backdrop, and learn about the moon as well as Age UK. A Man on the Moon app uses augmented reality to bring the moon to life when pointing a phone at special posters and John Lewis shopping bags. The app also features a Man on the Moon mobile game.

So without further ado, here is the commercial:

Enjoy, and an early Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season to all!


2 thoughts on “Man on the Moon: Best Commercial of the 2015 Holiday Season

  1. Before I clicked Play, I was thinking about this: “… some of the million older people in the U.K. who can go for a month without speaking to anyone.”

    You’ve set me to thinking, my friend, about people around me who need a visit or a call — and not just one time around the holidays, but every week. Someday that lonely person may be me.


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