A Possible New Source for Blog Ideas


As I have mentioned before, some days it is hard to think of something to write about, and I find myself going to the usual suspects for blog ideas – the Wall Street Journal, Seth Godin, Fred Wilson, LinkedIn Pulse, Harvard Business Review, or the New York Times Health and Fitness blog.

While leading an interesting life could certainly be a rich source of blog ideas, such a quest is likely is a bit quixotic, so I thought it may be more productive look elsewhere for source material.

I vaguely recalled that last week Fred Wilson (along with a few others) mentioned in a discussion on his blog how much they enjoyed The Economist, so I decided to check it out.

While I have read a handful of articles from The Economist over the years, it is not a magazine I know much about. But after spending a few minutes browsing through past issues and reading a few articles tonight , I liked what I saw.

While I did not find anything that triggered an idea that I would have enough time to write about at this point in the day, I am confident that this will be a rich source of potential material for my blog.

And even if none of the stories from The Economist makes it way into my writing, I think it will at least make me a more informed citizen of the world.

If anyone has any thoughts about The Economist, I would love to hear them; thanks.


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