“I’m Quite Certain He’s Earned It”

While watching the news tonight there was a story about President Obama’s trip to Oregon to pay his respect to the families and friends of those who were victims in the shooting that took place at Umpqua Community College.

I was quite surprised to see that there were people protesting the President’s visit because they felt he was politicizing the shooting to help make his case for gun control.

You certainly have the right to express your disagreement with respect to the President’s position on any issue you please, but I think such disagreements need to be done with respect for President Obama himself and the office that he holds.

Unfortunately, this is often not the case, and I have never seen so much disrespect for a President than I have seen with Obama.

It reminds of a clip from “A Few Good Men”. In this clip, Jack Nicholson tells Tom Cruise that he needs to address him as Colonel or Sir because he’s earned it. Nicholson then turns to the Judge and asks him what kind of courtroom he’s running. The judge replies that Nicholson will refer to him as Judge, or Your Honor, because he’s quite certain he’s earned it.

Obama is our President; he was chosen in a fair, democratic election. I am sure it is among the most difficult, stressful jobs in the world, and one that is with him 24/7/365. Over his time in office, he’s had to make some difficult decisions, that’s what he was elected to do.

You are free to disagree with those decisions, but I do not think you have a right to disrespect the person who is our President.

If you only plan to show respect to a President that you supported, then it seems to me that you really don’t believe in the democratic process. Having democratic elections means that there is a chance that your candidate will not win, and if he or she does not, then you need to accept that fact, and show respect for the person that did.

I don’t think that is happening in our country today, and it’s not something you can blame on the President.

So please, call him President Obama and show him some respect; I’m quite certain he’s earned it.


2 thoughts on ““I’m Quite Certain He’s Earned It”

  1. Amen, brother! I certainly have many points of disagreement with this president, but I respect the office, the title and, as you said, a man who has many, many difficult decisions to make every day.

    Nowadays (maybe it has always been), if “your guy” didn’t make it into the White House, you will find a way to criticize everything he does or says (or doesn’t do or say).

    A wonderful thing about our country is that we’re allowed to voice disagreement — even protest — but he is our president. Be a grown-up and show respect to the office even if you disagree with the officeholder.

    In that vein, I have a bad habit of referring to him as “Obama.” Thanks for the reminder to call him “President Obama.”


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