Happy 34th Anniversary!

wedding on steps

September 26, 1981 is one of the best days of my life. It was on that day that my wife Mary and I got married.

I still remember the details – the rehearsal dinner at the Beaver House, the wedding at St. Matthew’s, the reception at the ski lodge at Shawnee, our wedding song was “If” by Bread, and our honeymoon cruise to Bermuda on the Volendam.

We were relatively young (I was 24 and Mary was 23), naive, and in love.

We were excited about our future life together, and it has turned out to be better than either one of us could have imagined.

We have been blessed with three incredible sons, James, Joey, and Patrick, and a wonderful group of relatives, friends, and neighbors.

And while we’re not as young as we were on that special day, we’re still a little naive, and a lot in love.

So thank you Mary for 34 wonderful years; I look forward to the next 34.

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