A Bunch of Internet Firsts, but Done Second


I thought it would be fun to look back at what the first YouTube video was, the first tweet, the original Google search page (shown above), the first Facebook page, etc.

But while doing my search, I came across a post by Alyson Shontell on Business Insider from a couple of years ago that already did most of the work for me, and much more comprehensive than I would have done. If this sort of thing interests you, I highly recommend checking out her post.

I thought I’d add a couple more Internet firsts, since I didn’t want to make this post just a complete copy, but more of a steal. I’ll also admit this is not one of the most aesthetically appealing blog posts you’ll ever come across…

The first Instagram photo:


The first theonion story


and the first theonion online page (I think)

The first Tumblr page.


and the first post about Tumblr (oddly enough it was on WordPress).

The first Facebook (actually thefacebook) homepage.





Seth Godin’s first post.

Fred Wilson’s first post.

and the first post by yours truly.


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