Thundercrack by Springsteen, Then and Now

Since it’s Thursday, I thought I’d spend a little bit of time searching around for some vintage music videos, and I came across the following video of Bruce Springsteen performing his classic song Thundercrack in 1973. His talent and love for performing was obvious even back then.

While I was watching the above video, I noticed a link to a 2012 live performance of Thundercrack in Philadelphia. (Fun fact, the sign about Iraq at the start of the video is being held up by neighbors of ours!)

It’s fascinating to watch someone perform the same song, 39 years apart. What’s even more amazing is to notice that Bruce still has the incredible talent, passion, and obvious love for what he does now that he had as a 24-year old.

I wonder how many of us could hold up to such scrutiny after 39 years, and be proud of the lifetime of work that we have created.

Yesterday I wrote a post about how we should live as if your kids are watching; and after watching the two Springsteen videos above, I realize I should have also included your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. (Gary Vaynerchuk even briefly alludes to this idea in his classic video.)

So once again, thank you Bruce, for the gift of your music that you have shared with us for so long. I wish you many more “glory days” ahead.