Service Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

The Gentle Touch car wash in Wayne, PA just made a customer for life.

I went there today to get my car washed; it’s one of those drive-thru type car washes, which are still as much fun today as they were 50 years ago.

Once you come out of the car wash there is usually one or two guys with towels who dry your car off. And today was no exception, except that these two guys took their job seriously.

I had a stain on the hood of my car which I had tried to get out a week ago, using soap, towels, a rough brush, and even a scrub-daddy. But it didn’t seem to want to come off, and so on closer inspection I decided that it was just a rust stain that was there for good.

Well when one of the guys started drying off my hood today, he seemed to take a special interest in that spot, and really started scrubbing away. After a few seconds I started to tell him to not worry about it, that it wasn’t going to come off when he said he had taken care of it, and he was right, the stain was gone. I guess being a vegan for eight years has made me a little weak 🙂

Then the other guy with the towels became obsessed with some dirt that had accumulated on the roof of the car. This was probably the result of sap that had fallen from our tree, and the car wash itself had not been able to remove. I would have never even given a second thought to that rim of dirt around the roof of my car, but this guy treated my car better than I did!

After working on the grime for a bit, he apparently wasn’t satisfied with the result, and asked if I was in a hurry. When I said I was not, he went and got a special cleaner to spray on the dirt.  He then resumed his scrubbing, and even had to go back to his work station twice to get more towels since he got them so dirty. After close to ten minutes of scrubbing, he told me that he was running out of energy (oh yea, I forgot to tell you, this guy was probably in his mid-sixties).

I thanked him for all of the extra effort and care that he had shown, and he just said next time to let the guys know at the front end of the car wash (the guys who have the high-pressure hoses) to be sure to use it on the top of the car as necessary, and that would probably do a better job than he did.

Well when I got home and checked the roof of the car, there wasn’t a speck of dirt to be found; it looked like I had just driven it out of the showroom. I can’t imagine the hoses would have been as effective.

I love it when I see people who seem to really love their job, and as a result take great pride in it (my wife, David the singing orderly, Steve Jobs, to name a few).

And now I get to add the crew from the Gentle Touch car wash in Wayne, where it is part of the BP gas station.

Thank you for a job well done.


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