No Power, Blogging by Phone; Thoreau and his iPad


We just lost our power a couple of hours ago, and we’re not expected to get it back until tomorrow afternoon. But I didn’t want to skip my blog, so I am writing this on my iPhone.

Fortunately the local pizzeria had power, and we were able to keep our Friday night tradition of having pizza at my Mom and Aunt’s house, even though they had no power either.

We’ve been having pizza on Friday night at my Mom and Aunt’s house for probably 10-15 years, and I enjoy the ritual.

We get there about 6:00, and eat our pizza while watching Action News, a local TV news station. After that, it’s World News Tonight, followed by Jeopardy and then Wheel of Fortune. It’s usually around that time that we leave for our quarter mile commute home.

So tonight was a little bit of a break with tradition, since we were not able to watch TV. But it was a nice change of pace, just sitting around chatting, with candles glowing in the kitchen.

It certainly wasn’t Walden Pond, but it did make me ponder what life must have been like before electricity.

I certainly enjoy all the benefits associated with today’s technological wonders. And there’s no doubt that we are more productive today as a society than we were before electricity. And that we are more connected with each other than ever before.

But we’ve also become highly dependent on technology, making us quite vulnerable to when we lose access to those tools. And there’s always the concern with any technology development whether it will be used for good or bad.

But the big question, and one I don’t have an answer for, is whether these amazing technologies have made us any happier than we were before electricity. Tonight was kind of peaceful, and that feeling required no electricity, and perhaps was even brought on by the lack of it.

So I wonder what Thoreau would do today. Would he still want to escape to Walden Pond, and if so, would he bring an iPad with him?

And speaking of feeling peaceful, here’s one of my all-time favorite songs by The Eagles:

(Full disclosure – the power came back on while I was in the midst of writing this blog. But since it’s hard coming up with ideas for the blog, once I have one, I’m going to run with it.)

One thought on “No Power, Blogging by Phone; Thoreau and his iPad

  1. Jim, your Friday evening pizza/local TV/Jeopardy ritual with you mom and aunt sounds divine. A few months ago I wrote about my Friday night TV watching at Mom’s that I’ve come to depend on lately. We just got home from an event (a Main Street Farmers Market fundraiser), and I called Mom on the way home. Without us there, she completely forgot about her favorite TV shows! 🙂

    Being near family is the greatest thing. I’m glad you have family there to be interdependent with. There’s nothing like it.

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