Five-year old Presidential Expert from The Ellen Show


I’ll admit it; I love The Ellen Show. I love Ellen’s humor (especially her pranks), her kindness, her vegan lifestyle, and her generosity.

One of my favorite parts is when she invites children with special talents on to the show as guests. While there have been many such guests, I think I have to pick one as my all-time favorite, Macey Hensley.

Macey is a five-year old girl who has an amazing knowledge of presidents. She knows all of them, in the right order (she even made up a song to help her with this); she knows the Vice Presidents; she knows fun facts about each one.

Here is the video of her first appearance:

What makes Macey even more impressive is the obvious love she has for this Presidential knowledge, and the joy she has in sharing it with others. Plus she seems to be quite well-mannered, and her voice is just perfect. When Ellen asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up, you can guess what her answer was.

Given what a hit she was on the show, Ellen has asked her back on the show a couple more times. Here are the clips from those appearances (this is probably the main benefit of writing this post, all of these clips in one easy to find place).

Macey goes to the White House:

A Present for Macey:

Macey playing Presidential trivia game against Kevin Spacey:

Macey at the Reagan Library:

Macey playing President trivia game against Luke Bryan:

I hope Macey appears on the show again; perhaps a trivia game against President Obama or Clinton? My money’s on Macey.

And I hope I live long enough to see her as President.


One thought on “Five-year old Presidential Expert from The Ellen Show

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