The Day That Changed My Life


Date: April 28, 1978.
Place: a college party at Lake Valhalla, East Stroudsburg, PA

It started off like many other Friday nights in college, heading out to a party with friends. Who would have known that by the end of the evening, my life would be changed forever, for the better.

Somehow during the course of the evening I found myself talking with the most beautiful girl at the party, something that didn’t usually happen to a guy like me. Well to be more precise, that never happened to a guy like me.

For whatever reason we connected, one thing led to another, and three years later we were married.

I’ve already written about how my wife and I met, so I won’t repeat the story here, except to say that 37 years ago today is when that love story started, and it’s still going strong today.

Happy (day of meeting each other) Anniversary Mary!


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