Favorite Commercial of the Week: Dear Sophie

Google has put together some great commercials over the years, but this one from 2011 is probably my favorite.
Dear Sophie is designed to showcase the variety of products that Google offers, and is successful in that regard.
Like many effective marketing messages, the commercial tells a story. In this case, Dear Sophie is a Gmail account a new Dad has set up in his daughter’s name, and to which he posts messages commemorating special days in Sophie’s life. The first email starts with the day Sophie was born and includes a photo of Sophie as a newborn. Subsequent emails include a variety of photos and videos tracing Sophie’s progress through her younger years. The emails enable Google to highlight Google products such as Picasa for photos and Youtube for videos. There is also an email that uses Google Maps to show Sophie where she lived for her first 4 years. All of these tools are shown within the Google Chrome browser.
There is beautiful instrumental music playing in the background and it seems to go so well with the video that you would have thought the music was made just for the commercial. But the music is actually from the song Sort Of by Ingrid Michaelson, and it’s hard to go wrong with any Ingrid Michaelson song.
I like to show this commercial to my students and tell them my wife and I wish something like this was around while our children were growing up. It seems like a great way to capture, save, and organize all of those special childhood moments. Perhaps it may inspire one of them to create something similar a few years down the road.
The commercial is also successful at getting to the viewer emotionally, another characteristic of an effective promotion. I still get a lump in my throat when I watch this commercial.
So to me, the 90-second video is a winner. By the end of the commercial, you know what company is behind the video, you’ve gotten a glimpse of some of the company’s products and how to use them, there’s pictures of babies, there’s humor, there’s cool technologies, there’s great music, and there’s likely to be a tear rolling down your cheek when it’s over. I don’t come close to accomplishing any of that in a 75-minute lecture!
If you’d like to see a couple other great Google videos, here are the links: Reunion and Parisian Love.
How can you not love Google after watching these videos?!

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