Happy Birthday Mom!


Today is my mom’s 89th birthday.

We just finished spending  the night doing what we do every Friday night, having pizza at her house while watching TV (usually the news followed by Jeopardy followed by Wheel of Fortune).

But despite the familiar routine, it was still a special day.

Over the course of the day she got to see several of her grandchildren, and received phone calls from the others. She even got to see one of her nine great-grandchildren.

As I watched and listened to her interact with them, it was clear that family was the center of her life, and just seeing and hearing from them was the best present she could have received.

She has always shown nothing but unconditional love for her grandchildren, and it is obvious that it has been returned to her in spades.

And while she struggles to hear what people are saying, sometimes just eating pizza and watching TV, surrounded by your loved ones, sends a message loud and clear.

Happy birthday mom, we love you!

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