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My mailbox is overflowing once again, and I apologize that I am not able to answer all your emails and comments personally.

Dear Jim, Have you noticed any changes in your life since you started blogging on a daily basis?
Signed, Curious George

Dear Curious, There have been a few changes, some good, some not so good. The good changes include

  • making new online friends
  • having something to tweet about besides the Wall Street Journal
  • no longer feeling guilty when assigning a project to students that entails creating a blog site and posting
  • lower water bills since I haven’t had time to shower (see below) or change my clothes (no laundry)
  • improved riting skills.

The bad changes:

  • I’ve gained about 10 pounds from sitting at the computer all day trying to come up with something original to write for my blog.
  • I’ve become less sanitary since I’ve had no time to shower because I spend all my time blogging.
  • I’ve had to buy a new keyboard because of all the crumbs I’ve gotten on it from constantly eating while writing my blog.
  • I think I’ve fallen behind in paying my bills, but I’m not sure because I’ve had no time to check the mail.
  • My social life has become non-existent (actually, that’s not much of a change).
  • I’ve fallen asleep in the middle of a couple of lectures because of the lack of sleep from all the time I spend writing my blog (but in my defense, they were lectures about accounting).

So all in all, the good stuff about blogging far outweighs the bad stuff (confirmation bias alert).

Dear Jim, It seems like you are pretty high on Bitcoin. Do you think now is a good time to buy some?
Signed, Buzzcoin

Dear Buzzcoin, I’ve been high a few times, but never on Bitcoin. If you’re looking to get high, Colorado has much better options than Bitcoin.

Dear Jim, I’ve Seen your picture ID from high school, and it was pretty bad, probably one of the worst high school pictures I’ve ever seen. I was wondering if you’re still kind of odd looking.
Signed, I Don’t Blog But At Least I’m Photogenic


Dear Photogenic, I think I’ve turned out OK.


It’s amazing what contact lenses can do…

Dear Jim, You do realize that your photo editing skills are pretty weak …
Signed, Tom Knoll, creator of Photoshop

Dear Tom, I don’t know what you are talking about, and besides, who are you to talk about someone’s photo editing skills?

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  1. Jim, I just want to commend you for your willingness to address the many, many comments and questions that keep you so very busy. It’s just an excellent example to the rest of us to be good to our many fans.

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