When Does It All Change?

Many times when I ask my college students a question in class, I'm just left with a lot of dead air and averted gazes. Eventually someone will answer, and then a few minutes later, the process will repeat itself. My wife, a nursery school teacher, tells me it's the exact opposite in her classroom. When … Continue reading When Does It All Change?

Sir Ken Robinson Was Right

Every semester for the past several years I have shown my students the Ken Robinson TED talk on how schools kill creativity. One of my favorite parts of the talk is where he talks about how women are better at multitasking, and uses his wife as an example. "...if she's cooking, you know,¬†she's dealing with … Continue reading Sir Ken Robinson Was Right

Life Design Class

Imagine taking college courses titled, "Bruce Springsteen's Theology", "Demystifying the Hipster", "What if Harry Potter Is Real", "Simpsons and Philosophy", and "Calvin and Hobbes". That could potentially be the greatest semester of my life. And while there is no one college offering all of those courses, those are all real courses that have been offered … Continue reading Life Design Class