“I Wish the Internet Had Never Been Invented.”

Those were the words of one of my dinner companions tonight, a good friend I have known for 37 years. We actually met in a Lamaze class in 1982 when our spouses were pregnant with our first child, and from that humble beginning, a close, long-lasting relationship was formed. The World Wide Web wasn't created … Continue reading “I Wish the Internet Had Never Been Invented.”

The Power of Community

Seth Godin talks about Tribes; Facebook and LinkedIn have Groups; Scott Heiferman co-founded Meetup.com; Nirav Tolia co-founded  Nextdoor.com;  historians talk about neighborhoods in China dating back to the 6th century. What they all have in common is that they are communities; groups of people joining together to share common interests, to provide support to others in … Continue reading The Power of Community