Music Monday: Rising Country Duo, the Dries, Performs “Dolly Would”

Music can bring out many emotions, but I think my favorite kind of music is the type that just makes me feel good.

And that’s what the song in the week’s post did for me.

Dolly Would, a song written and performed by The Nashville-based husband-and-wife country duo of Katelyn and Derek Drye, pays tribute to the legendary Dolly Parton, and just puts me in a good mood when I watch it.

The inspiration for the song came from when the couple was driving past the Dollywood theme park.

“Derek goes, ‘Babe, I’ve got the best idea: We should write a song called “Dollywood,” Katelyn Drye recalls. “And I thought he was talking about the place, but he was talking about what would become “Dolly Would.” And I instantly knew that’s what we needed to do.”

The duo are big fans of the legendary Dolly Parton, so creating the song was a labor of love.

After the Dryes joined together with some of Nashville’s best musicians, the recording of the saucy song came together with lightning speed. The pair say it was a rip-roaring good time in the studio, too.

“We got there at 2PM and by 2:15PM, we had much of it done,” according to Katelyn Drye. “We were literally dancing in the studio. We had the best time. It was a honky-tonk dream.”

And while the song is the ultimate good time, the Dryes say it’s come to mean so much more to them.

“You go to Dolly’s shows and you see people of all walks of life,” explains Derek Drye. “I think it’s obvious that there’s something about her mindset that people just relate to. She has her convictions, but she doesn’t seem to shame anyone for believing in something different from her. It’s very interesting. And I don’t know of any other person where you go to their concerts and they have as diverse of a group of fans that Dolly has.”

Here’s the fun video:

Using a 70s-style music video approach, Katelyn Drye notes, “We wanted to create a visual representation of the fun we feel when we think about Dolly. All types of people, home, country livin’, and sparkles.”

In addition, Kately notes that “Every outfit was custom altered and we even added fringe to Derek’s pearl snap. One day that yellow jumpsuit will be my Opry debut outfit.”

I am impressed by both the music of the Dryes as well as their upbeat attitude.

I wish them the best in their pursuit of the Grand Ole Opry stage…


*image from The Dryes website

35 thoughts on “Music Monday: Rising Country Duo, the Dries, Performs “Dolly Would”

  1. WWDD: What Would Dolly Do? That tune left me wanting to yell, “Yee-haw,” from time to time, and I’m sure Dolly would do that. But I’m too tired. It’s time to hit the hay.

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  2. Ahh! This was a fun song and woke me up so thanks! I like her voice and I bet Dolly would love this song. I do like Dolly’s songs, but she’s not a favorite artist of mine as far as her music. As far as her spirit and personality though, yes! She really seems like a genuinely good hearted person and I love that! The duets she did with Kenny Rogers are probably my favorite songs of hers.

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    1. glad you enjoyed it. I don’t know much of Dolly’s music, but what I do know, I do like. Her duets with Kenny are the best. Butyou are right, she just seems like a special person…

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  3. Fun, in that ‘so annoying I hope I can get it out of my brain’ way. And I can’t help but think that this is a shameless attempt to gather some publicity out of Dolly’s name. Not in her league, or anywhere near it, for me.

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      1. The woman is even trying to sound like Dolly! If I could be bothered I’d look up some of their other videos to see if she is always like that or just putting it on here for effect. If they make it big there is no justice for better acts, some of whom I’ve featured: Caroline Jones, Sarah Darling, Carolina Story to name just three.


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