Music Monday: A Mid-Winter Treat

We are slightly past the mid-point of winter, and some reason that made me wonder if there are any songs that have February in the title.

Fortunately, I came across a blog post where somebody had already done the work for me: 14 Songs About February.

As I scrolled through the songs (none of which I recognized), I stopped to listen to some of the ones that were at least performed by artists I recognized.

As the blogger notes, the songs seem to be moody, reflective, and I thought perhaps even a bit depressing.

But there was one song that I stood out above the rest for me: February Seven by the Avett Brothers. The lyrics are quite moving, although it is hard to tell exactly what they might mean.

Scott Avett, who wrote the song, was vague about the meaning and allegedly said it referred to a lesson he learned on February 7th. As a result, there has been much speculation about the meaning of the song and many believe it refers to addiction or infidelity.

I did find that Scott did offer a bit more insight into the meaning of the song in an interview:

The chorus is kind of the core or nucleus of the song and it’s to me self-explanatory, but… If there’s something that can be potentially abstract or something that people need liberty to define themselves, I’m so careful of that because I don’t wanna lock it in. But it’s kind of one of my multiple takes on the age-old material chase that we all have, or just the material chase that I have. I would have to say ‘Down With the Shine,’ as well as this song have that theme within them, about being conscious and aware and cautious of the material chase that the more that I travel, the more that I see, the more I start seeing this infinite circle.

There is an official video of the song, as well as a wonderful live version, but I prefer this simple version since it is just the lyrics, and perhaps you can form your own thoughts as to what the words mean to you.

Personally, I think the song is about someone realizing that he was not living his true life, that perhaps he got caught up in the quest for fame and/or fortune. After some reflection, he then realized that such a quest was not worth it, and now he is ready to begin living a more authentic and meaningful life and is lucky enough to have someone to go on that journey with him.

But what do I know; I teach accounting… 🙂

34 thoughts on “Music Monday: A Mid-Winter Treat

  1. Nice song, had never heard it before. Glad you shared it and I agree with your thoughts about it. Sounds like you nailed it to me, even if accountant profs really don’t know what they are talking about. 🙂

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  2. I ordinarily hate music, but this tune caught me right from the start. And I love the fact that they show the lyrics in the video, because usually I can’t understand half of what singers are singing. I don’t think it was necessary, though, as this ditty was sung quite clearly. But I like the concept.

    If your take on the song is accurate, this magnetic tune is going to lead many a listener to their doom, like the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Think of how many people will become financially ruined, by following the inspiration of this song and giving up on their quest for fortune. They’ll rue the day they ever heard these lyrics, when the mortgage bill arrives in the mail, and they haven’t a pocket to piss in.

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    1. I usually catch maybe half the words when I am listening to a song, so I also like when they show the lyrics in a video.

      And for those people who become disillusioned, maybe they should just walk away from their mortgage and start life over again…

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  3. I interpret it is as his search for the perfect accounting class. The line, “But I awoke, and you were standing there,” is our hero’s awakening.

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  4. A new song and new band for me. I like the very stripped down version here that is unencumbered by being overly produced. That is what I think provides such a feel of authenticity. I would agree with your take on the meaning of the lyrics. It speaks to an awakening, to the coming of an epiphany, that has now opened his eyes to a different path and he is rested and ready to walk that new journey.

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  5. I’ve not listened much to the Avett Brothers but on this evidence I should – this is lovely.

    As you may have noticed, I name my monthly recap posts after a song, so I couldn’t resist clicking that link. I’d already decided on my February title before this, anyway, but you’ll have to wait and see if it is among those 14…

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    1. good comparison, interpreting music can be quite subjective.

      and as ti just so happens, I as teaching about the principle of objectivity in my accounting class this week!


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