Music Monday: Nanook of Greenland

This post has two purposes.

The first purpose is to expand my knowledge of music from around the world.

The second is to see if I can get at least one view of my blog from someone in Greenland. 🙂

With a little bit of searching, I discovered the band Nanook, which appears to be one of the most popular bands in Greenland.

Here’s a little background on the band from Wikipedia:

Nanook are a Greenlandic pop-rock band formed by brothers Christian and Frederick Elsner in 2008. The name refers to the mythological Greenlandic bear.

They released their debut album in 2009, “Seqinitta Qinngorpaatit” (“Our sun is shining on you”). They won the “Best Album” prize at the Greenland Music Awards in 2010 and again in 2014. They played at the Roskilde Festival in 2019.

Nanook’s lyrics are in Greenlandic. They refused an offer from Sony as the company wanted them to switch to English. Their music style is soft and melodic indie rock.

Christian and Frederick are half-Inuit and half-Danish. They are from Southern Greenland but moved to Nuuk in 2001. They run the family-owned Atlantic Music, a record company and music instrument retail store.

They are Greenland’s most popular band. In 2010 they sold 5,000 albums, meaning that every tenth Greenlander bought a copy.

The video below appears to be their most popular. The music sounds great, the visuals are beautiful, and it has the lyrics in English subtitles. The video was shot in Southern Greenland close to the town of Narsaq, and is concerned with how climate change affect life in the Arctic.

I wish Nanook continued success with their music and with getting their message out to the world…


31 thoughts on “Music Monday: Nanook of Greenland

  1. Nice tune. I’m afraid that there will be other consequences that we haven’t even considered beyond the obvious concerns for climate change.

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  2. I once lived in Iceland, and you got a like from me. Hopefully that will be close enough, if you don’t get a like from Greenland.

    That was one brave guy to jump in water that cold. I’m shivering just thinking about it.


  3. good luck on your trip around the world, jim. glad you are doing it safely and musically and that you will share it with us. interesting music – I love hearing new music

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  4. Interesting choice and story. It’s good to know of a band staying true to their roots rather than going for bigger bucks. Lovely video too. Their sound reminded me a little of Coldplay, which I guess is quite appropriate. What next? The Hu, and their Mongolian nose singing?

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    1. nice to see some integrity. I think when I was reading about Nanook last night one of the articles compared them to Coldplay!

      Who knows what will be next – but I may have to look into this nose singing thing… 🙂

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      1. Indeed. Glad to know I agree with a critic for once.

        The Hu are massively popular on YouTube – one of their videos has over 47m views. They’re loud, very loud!

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