A Couple of Haikus about Singapore

Still feeling jet lagged
It’s only seven o’clock
Too early for bed

Hawkers pushing food
The smells are hard to resist
Can’t wait to go back

10 thoughts on “A Couple of Haikus about Singapore

  1. OMG! Did Jim Borden just write poetry? Be still my beating heart. ❤ This is a beautiful example of the Haiku form. Your syllable count is spot on and you have given vibrant life to the mundane with concise words and a relatable subject. There appears there is nothing you can’t do if you want to! Bravo!


    1. baby steps, Brad, baby steps. I can handle three lines with no rhyming. and writing about the mundane is my specialty (not so sure about giving it vibrant life, though). Thanks as always for your support!


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