Maybe We Won’t Have to Move South After All When We Retire

My wife and I have talked about moving to Florida in a few years, after we both retire. The primary reason is that we are both tired of the cold weather and would prefer to have warmer weather year-round.

Well now it looks like maybe we won’t have to move at all, if we can postpone our retirement until 2080 (let’s just ignore the fact that I’ll be 123 years old at the time.)

The reason for this potential change in plans is based on the results of a study conducted at the University of Maryland Centre for Environmental Science.

In the study, researchers say cities in 2080 in North America will basically feel like they’re about 500 miles away (in a southerly direction) from where they currently are, as a result of the drastic changes that are taking place in their climate.

The study uses what is known as climate-analog mapping, which involves matching the expected future climate at a location (e.g., a person’s city of residence) with the current climate of another, potentially familiar, location – thereby providing a more relatable, place-based assessment of climate change. For 540 North American urban areas, the used climate-analog mapping to identify the location that has a contemporary climate most similar to each urban area’s expected 2080’s climate.

So, of course, I had to see what city mapped to Philadelphia, and it was Memphis, TN. Now I don’t know much about Memphis, but I do like the fact that the map shows that winters in Memphis are about nine degrees warmer, but 41% wetter than Philadelphia winters.

I then looked at one possible retirement spot we have considered, Sarasota, Fl. Its analog city was Cuidad Mante, in Mexico. Cuidad Mante had winters that were 6.4 degrees warmer than winters in Sarasota, but that it is 78 percent drier.

I wouldn’t mind the higher temps, but I also like humidity. So the fact that it is getting drier, would likely suggest reduced humidity. We’ll have to give that some thought.

If you would like to read about the impact of climate change in a way that makes it relatively easy to understand, then this study may be right up your alley.

So if I can wait until I am 123 years old I may be able to just stay put in the Philly suburbs.

I just wonder if I’ll pick up a twang to go with that warmer weather…

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