Music Monday: O Holy Night – from Josh Groban to Cartman

My favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night; I think at one point I had at least 20 different versions in my iTunes playlist.

So I thought I’d write a blog post that contains links to a variety of versions of the song so that I would always have easy access to them.

At the top of my list is Josh Groban’s version. I think he has the best voice of any singer I know:

Once I had that song on my list, I just decided to take a look through YouTube, and limit my search to those videos that had at least a million views; relying on the wisdom of the crowd to help me find other great versions.

Probably no Christmas song list would be complete without Mariah Carey, so here she is singing O Holy Night. I wouldn’t put it near the top of my list, but it’s hard to argue with 48 million views:

Here’s a version from the incredible Pentatonix:

After I first posted this blog, a reader suggested Celine Dion, and after watching the video, I can see why:

And while searching for that video, I came across one more I want to include here, Celtic Women:

And here are two more suggested by a reader. Versions by Susan Boyle and Anne Murray.

And another reader suggested the following ones, which are incredible, one from Libera, an all-boy English vocal group and the other from II Divo, a multi-national classical crossover vocal group.

And why not have some fun, here is Cartman from South Park singing O Holy Night:

And here’s a version I had never heard before, but I loved it; sort of a folk-rock version:

And finally here is one that is labeled the worst version ever; it makes the ones above sound even better! But you may want to turn down your speakers for this one…

I think I should record my own version; how much worse can it be than this?

Merry Christmas to all!

*image from Ireland’s Own

19 thoughts on “Music Monday: O Holy Night – from Josh Groban to Cartman

    1. good call, Patricia. I’ve gone back and added Celine’s version; thanks for the suggestion! I’ve also added a version by Celtic Women I had meant to include.


  1. Hi, O Holy Night is my favorite also. So you need to hear Susan Boyle version, it is wonderful. She does not wheeze, sigh, squeak or croak. You will thank me, happy new year.


      1. Hi Jim, glad to liked Susan Boyle version, before her I really loved (and still love) is Anne Murray’s version. Now I want to hear all the versions too. Thank you. Margaret


      2. Hi Margaret, my list is going to keep getting bigger. Without even watching it, I know I am going to like Anne Murray’s version since she is one of my favorite singers. Thanks for the suggestion!


  2. I listened to all of the versions, as this too is my all time favorite Christmas Hymn. For me it was Celtic Women hands down with Penatonix, second. I’m not a music critic, but this is a Holy hymn and should be sung traditionally, with reverence. The reverence is what I hear.


  3. Celine “sells” the song best. Look at the gesture when she mentions the angels singing. You missed Libera and I’ll Divo – both better than any except Josh and Celine.


    1. I hadn’t noticed Celine’s gesture before; thanks for the heads-up. And thanks for the recommendations on Libera an II Divo. I had never heard of either group, but I listened to their singing of Oh Holy Night, and I’ve added them to my list. Great performances.


  4. O Holy Night has been my favorite Christmas song since the first time I heard it. I was about 9 years old when I first heard this song. This is the first time I heard Josh Groban sing this and along with his amazing voice, I have never heard the second chorus he sang. He did a super superb spectacular job on this song and I have never heard anybody sing this song as great as I just heard him perform. This guy has a super amazing voice and he is my favorite all time singer. I cannot get over his Angelic amazing voice. Wow!!!


  5. This is one of my most favourite songs ever. It’s so moving and at the same time uplifting. One of my favourite versions of the song is by Carrie Underwood.

    One of my old school friends recorded an album many years back and honestly I was blown away by her version of this song. It was the best I’ve ever heard. She gave copies to family and friends.


      1. She’s incredibly modest. She hasn’t shared her CD with anyone other than friends or family. If she lets me use it in the future I will post about it. You would love her whole album actually! 🙂


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